Chef Edward Nowakowski

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Follow the life of Edward Nowakowski from his birth in a Nazi forced-labor camp in Austria; growing up on a poor farm in war ravaged Poland during the post-war communist era; learning to become a chef in Poland; his first attempts to make it big in the culinary arts; then his adventurous trip to America where everything was new and different. Finally, settling down with the love of his life who was taken from him by a cruel disease.

"This book describes my family's life, which is full of historical experiences going through the Hitler era, the Stalin regime, and communism, to the current decade in the United States.  The accounts of our experiences reflect the time from the 1940's, when my mother's family had no electricity or water in their home in a village in Poland, to my successful career as an award winning chef and a comfortable married life in the United States.

Chef Edward Nowakowski

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